Stephan Kuffler is the man behind „Picture Takery". And yes, he prefers standing behind the Camera rather than posing in front of the lens – although being a businessman, employer and host in a tent at the famous Oktoberfest makes the latter necessary at times.

As the manager of the Kuffler group, Stephan Kuffler took his first major steps in photography supporting marketing projects for his various businesses. What followed was an exhibition of his work in Munich, assignments from print media companies like his annual photo-column for the "Abendzeitung" in Munich or individual jobs for oldtimer magazines. A personal highlight – and great honor - was the Munich based "Haus der Kunst" (engl. "house of art") requesting to use some of Stephan Kufflers work for their public relations.

For his own company, the main focus of his work lies on architecture, ambiance, people and food. But Stephan Kufflers biggest passion is street photography, something he pursues whenever he finds the time. He prefers working with rangefinder cameras made by Leica in Wetzlar.

"With a Leica M, the whole process of recording a picture triggers creative joy in me. Solid craftsmanship can be applied best on this camera". Very good pictures are often commented with a statement about the high quality of the camera. "Very true of course", but Kuffler often replies with that wink in the eye, saying that "... Picasso probably also used high quality paintbrushes".